Terms and Conditions

Ownership Title:
Ownership title of goods remains with the seller until payment has been made in full to our account.
Validity of Quotation:
Unless otherwise specified all quotations are valid for a period of thirty calendar days calculated from the date of the relevant submission.
Currency Fluctuation:
In all overseas transactions our costings are based on the exchange rate applicable at the time of the US$ to A$ and as such we retain the right to pass on all variations to our base rate up to and including time of delivery.
Same size camera ready art or film to be supplied by our client.  Artwork charges will apply for non camera ready art,
Artwork Supplied on Disc:
To be provided on either, Corel Draw version 9 or Adobe Illustrator EPS and should clearly state relevant pms colours.  Jpeg images are not considered to be artwork.
Artwork Approval:
Details of relevant same sized art will be submitted for our client’s approval.  Delivery lead times are calculated for the date client approved art is received.
Changes to Artwork:
This applies when changes are made to final artwork, (i.e. artwork which has either been sent by the client or has been recreated correctly by our artist from special instructions supplied).  If any changes are made to the design after the first Art Approval has been sent to you a charge of $20.00 will apply to every art approval faxed thereafter.
Once Only Set Up Costs:
Involving artwork, screens, discs, plates, etc. will, unless otherwise agreed in writing, apply to all new orders. 
Repeat Order Printing:
A repeat set up charge of $25.00 will apply, unless previously agreed; to all repeat orders with the exception of embroidery.
Over and Under Runs:
Every attempt is made to supply the exact quantity stipulated by the client, however, we do reserve the right to supply plus or minus 5% and to invoice accordingly, with the exception of poly bags supply at plus or minus 30% and ties supply at plus or minus 10%.
When samples are provided for our client’s inspection, these should be returned within fourteen days from the date of receipt.  Samples lost, damaged or not returned will be charged at the relevant rate plus gst.
Pre-production Samples:
In some cases pre-production samples will be required by the client over and above an art approval sign off.  A fee may apply at the relevant charge and will be advised at the time of the order to the client.
Once an order has been placed and accepted by Continuous Recall, cancellations cannot occur unless agreed in writing by Continuous Recall, a fee notified in writing may apply if work has commenced.  All expenses incurred with the cancellation must be the responsibility of the cancelling party.
Delays to Stipulated Delivery Time – Force Majeure:
Every attempt will be made to honour our stipulated delivery date, however we cannot be held responsible for late deliveries due to circumstances beyond our control in the form of strikes, industrial delays, alterations or delays to contractors delivery schedules, etc.
Delivery Lead Times:
As stated, are calculated from the date we receive the client’s signed approval of our same sized prepared artwork.
Unless previously agreed all freight and delivery charges will be invoiced to the client’s account.
Credits, Claims and Returns:
In the unlikely event of the need to make a claim, then claims will only be recognised if made in writing within fourteen days or our invoice.  Returned goods will not be accepted unless we have agreed to accept the return.

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