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Sprint Folding Shopping Bag

Collection: Bags Category: Shopping Bags Colours Available: Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Light Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow Materials: 190T Polyester Item Size: 370mmL x 500mmH (includes handles)

Express Paper Bag

Collection: Bags Category: Paper Bags Colours Available: Natural, White Materials: 160gsm Kraft Paper Item Size: 250 x 330mm (LxH) excludes handle x 110mm Gusset


Product Specs Dimensions (mm) Body: 205Wx145H Strap Drop: 135L Weight: 0.07kg Ext. Material: Denim Int. Material: Nylon Edge Finish: Polyurethane Hardware: Brass Finish. Lead TimeExpress Service (4-5 Weeks).


Product Specs Dimensions (mm) Body: 205Wx145H Strap Drop: 135L Weight: 0.07kg Ext. Material: Denim Int. Material: Nylon Edge Finish: Polyurethane Hardware: Brass Finish. Lead TimeOffshore Indent (11-12 Weeks).

Gloss Laminated Bag A4 With Rope Handle

Features: A glossy bag is one that easily catches attention and most likely to promote your business or product better. Let’s admit it, one glance at this gloss laminated bag is all you need to keep reading on what is printed on its surface. This bag comes with a rope handle, making it capable of holding even the most unthinkable good out there. It is only available in white.

Kraft Paper Bag Brown Large Includes Twi

Features: If you’re product is wide than tall, this brown paper bag is right for your business. A landscape oriented paper bag, this Kraft Paper Brown Bag features twisted paper handles. It can be customised to have your brand and logo screen printed.

Kraft Paper Bag Brown Landscape Includes

Features: A Kraft Paper Bag in landscape orientation? That’s exactly what this bag is. Perfect for businesses looking for a bag that is capable of carrying heavy items but at the same time economical. The bag comes with twisted paper handles, making it easier for any hands to hold.

Kraft Paper Bag Brown Medium Includes Tw

Features: Businesses starting and those that had been operatng for some time will swear about the usefulness and effectiveness of this promotional product. This Kraft Paper Bag is as classic as they come. Its medium in size and comes with twisted paper handles.

Kraft Paper Bag Brown Small Includes Twi

Features: A brown paper bag is the most traditional promotional bag as you can get. It’s the most common and widely preferred bag due as it is economical and can be easily customised with any design needed by the business. Added value is the fact that it is environment-friendly as it easily decomposes, making your promotional gift less guilty of contributing to the deterioration of the environment.

Kraft Paper Bag White Large Includes Twi

Features: A practical bag for a practical business. Not that flashy nor stylish but still gets the job done. This Kraft Paper white bag can be customised to include your business’ name and logo as its surface is large enough to fit your planned design.

Kraft Paper Bag White Landscape Includes

Features: No one can ever go wrong with the colour “White.” There’s something to it aside from purity and cleanliness. It commands respect and attention. The same should go with your business. This promotional bag is a great way to spread news about your new start-up.

Kraft Paper Bag White Medium Includes Tw

Features: Brown paper bags are classic, but white one are more modern. This Kraft Paper Bag is perfect for businesses looking for a promotional product that is clean, simple and reusable. It can be customised by screen printing.

Kraft Paper Bag White Small Includes Twi

Features: Material used and how much of it can accommodate the design planned to showcase your brand – these are essential considerations when picking a promotional bag. This Kraft Paper Bag comes in white, which makes it a great canvas for any design you have for your business. It is also made from quality materials and comes with twisted paper handles.

Gloss Laminated Bag White Landscape with

Features: Paper bags need not to be boring. It is because they form part of the client/customer’s experience when dealing with your business. In line with that, this Gloss Laminated White Bag is far from being a snoozefest. It is made from glossy white material, which makes it ideal for customisation as it can easily match any brand’s colors, font or theme.

Gloss Laminated Bag White Portrait with

Features: Simple but packs a punch is what every business, new or not, should consider when making any kind of decision. That is also applicable in choosing the right promotional product. Aside from taking of the product’s potential to be reused, businesses should also think about how its customers will think about its promotional items.

Gloss Laminated Bag Black Landscape with

Features: Black, glossy and large – now, that’s a great promotional product to customise. It allows your brand to be as creative as possible in terms of what should go into this Gloss Laminated Bag. It features a rope handle and comes in a size of 26cm x 35cm x 10cm.

Gloss Laminated Bag Black Portrait with

Features: This portrait-oriented bag is ideal for businesses that want to have a promotional bag that combines elegant and the ability to fit everything in. This Gloss Laminated Bag comes in black and a rope handle. It can be customised by screen printing.

Utility Carry Bag - Pink, Blue or Green

Multi Purpose Carry Bag with Internal & External pockets. Available in Pink, Blue or Green